In this, the first oftwo shows showcasing the work of Curt Boettcher, we look at the projects heproduced, performed on and the songs he wrote that were performed by otherpeople.

Prelude/To Claudia On Thursday (Demo) – The Millennium

Railroad Boy – The Goldebriars

June Bride Baby (Single Version) – The Goldebriars

Milk & Honey – Summer’s Children

Much More Love – Tommy Roe

Message Of Our Love (Mono) – The Association

I Didn’t Ever Know – Jonathan Moore

I Knew You Back When Babe – Jacobson & Tansley

Mr. Man Of The World – The Bootiques

Oh, Don’t Come crying Back To Me – Something Young

Many More Times (Mono) – Lee Mallory

Sugar Stone – The Candy Company

This Life Of Mine – Plastic People

The Kwella – Lou Berrington & The African Kamp

Thinking Of Myself – Action Unlimited

Song No.7 – Lyme & Cybelle

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – Ray Whitley

Jamie – Bobby Jameson

Sweet Pea – Friar Tuck

It’s A Sad World (Demo) – The Ballroom

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